Our Vision

We Love Art. We love creating it, looking at it and even listening to it. Life wouldn't mean anything without the challenge or beauty of art. We love it so much we frequently argue about it, passionately, on nights out. Unfortunately we cant afford most of it! There are a million pieces we would like to have on our walls, from Carravagio to Cornell. Yes we could go off and buy mass produced prints but, lets face it, its not the same. Then we had an excellent idea Why not combine our love for art with our passion for supporting local less well known artists!

So ARTISFORALL was born. We take in work from artists in all and produce high quality limited edition prints at a highly affordable price. We share the profits with the artists so its a win win win situation. 1) The artist earns money, 2 ) We get to feel good and 3) You get original art to put on your wall. Even if you don't choose to buy you get art in your inbox every couple of weeks. And that is a good thing.

So what is ARTISFORALL all about?

How It Works:

Every two weeks we feature work by an artist. It can be in any discipline: painting, graphic art, photography...once it can be printed. Each piece is limited to 100 pieces and it printed on high quality photographic paper. You pay us €25 (plus postage) And you get to receive a high quality limited piece of art AND a cert signed by the artist.

But all art is different shaped?

A good point. The art will be printed on A4 paper because then you can get a standard frame. The art will be whatever shape the artist decides they want it to be.

How do you pick the artists?

We dont, we want them to pick us. However we have an independent panel helping up choose our artists, We may love art but we would never claim to be all-knowing. This way we can also learn as we go along. The panel will be shuffled on a regular basis to keep it fresh and to prevent that clique mentality that can sometimes grow. Remember ARTISFORALL

So How do I submit work and does it cost money?

Send us in 3 samples of your work, either digitally to submissions@artisforall.com or physical prints to the address below. We can't return the prints but if you want them back you can arrange to meet us or pick them up.
We won't do anything without your permission.If we pick you we'll sign a contract stating that we are hosting your art and you agree that ARTISFORALL has your permission to sell it. If we dont choose you the first time please dont be discouraged, we have an idea of where we weant to go with this but that may change so dont be afraid to submit again.


About Us

We collect, love and sell art

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ARTISFORALL is based in the West of Ireland but we welcome submissions from across the Island

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